Want to know how he/she feels with you? Invade his/her personal space.

Personal space

In society there are unwritten rules that define how far we must be from other people to be comfortable, this distance can vary between 15 and 150 centimeters depending on the circumstances and the environment, although it can also be measured in steps, inhodoros, seats, etc. (to illustrate, we can make another person feel uncomfortable walking too close to them, sitting in the contigüo seat of the cinema being the room empty, or in the case of men, using the nearest inhodoro having others free). Well, but what concerns us is how to know when we have invaded someone’s personal space, and that is that each person can express that their space has been invaded in a different way, or not express it. That is, most of the time we enter someone’s personal space, there will be no verbal response, but we will have to observe body language to know if we are too close, thus, we will see gestures such as looking as far as possible from the person who invades the space, covering some parts of the body perhaps by putting our hands together, touching areas of the face to interpose the elbow between the other person and herself, postures such as crossing arms or legs to create a psychological barrier and / or a radical change in the topic of conversation if any. So, we have seen all these gestures of discomfort that a person makes when someone invades his personal space, so now we can return to the question of the beginning. How do I know how you feel about me? In this case the trick will be to get closer little by little, so that that person can determine that you are going to enter their personal space imminently, and then. well observe the gestures, if you get to place yourself within your personal space and stay in it for some time without seeing in that person any of the gestures and postures of discomfort that we have described before, congratulations, that person feels comfortable and has confidence with you. PS: Using only with known people and with a certain level of affinity, if this is done with an unknown person, in 99% of the time it will generate a negative and rejection first impression towards us that could remain even for years.

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