The double handshake: Generating confidence, warmth, openness and honesty.

The double handshake

The double handshake has little to explain, it is simply the same as the normal handshake, but it is done with both hands instead of with only one, leaving the other person’s hand between the two of us. It is said to be the preferred greeting of politicians, later we will see why… Also note that this greeting can be used by a single person with another, or used by both people at the same time, that is, each one gives a double handshake to the other. This handshake is used to convey honesty, frankness or confidence, so that when someone is greeted with the double handshake, a feeling of warmth and comfort is generated in them. Of course, we can use this type of greeting with people who we hold in high esteem or who want to make them feel valued, in fact, when this greeting is used it is usually accompanied by some expression of affection such as a smile or a question interested in the person in question. That is why, as we said before, politicians try to use this form of greeting, since it generates in others the sensaicon that they are taken into account and that they are valued, which is very important for electoral campaigns. Finally, a warning, and that is that this type of greeting should only be used with people who are already known, the reason is as follows, if we use the double handshake with someone we have just met, the feeling of confidence, warmth and honesty that the greeting has will be sent to that person, but since he does not know us, he will not let it in and its effect will be the opposite, it will generate a feeling of distrust and being alert to someone who wants to try to deceive you.

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