Sleeping with hands grasped or intertwined, their use and meaning

Sleeping with your hands intertwined

At bedtime, each person has their favorite posture in which they feel most comfortable to fall asleep. While it is true that there are many postures, the one we are going to analyze now is, in particular, the posture of sleeping with the hands intertwined.

What does it mean to sleep with your hands on?

To analyze what meaning sleeping might have with hands grasped, let’s first remember the different meanings of intertwined hands in general.

In the article “Hands joined: craving, negativity or frustration” we analyze different circumstances in which being with your hands joined or grasped could have negative meanings. Does it have these same meanings when using this posture for sleep?

Not necessarily, for example, to begin with, we must make a distinction between whether we join hands to take a nap or to sleep at night.

Differences between grabbing your hands to sleep at night and to take a nap.

In the case of the nap, it is very common to join or intertwine the hands because sometimes we sleep sitting or in a posture in which the arms could fall if we do not support them somewhere, so by intertwining the hands, we give some support to the arms for that moment of rest, and it may have nothing to do with the person’s mood or emotions.

On the other hand, at bedtime at night, the fact of intertwining the hands could have some meaning, since on a surface such as the bed you could rest your arms without the need for support. In this case, that a person joins his hands or interlaces them to sleep, yes it can have the meaning of being repressed, or being containing something, since its meaning is very similar to that of putting his hands together in other circumstances, and could reveal anxiety or frustration.

For example, a person might be worried about some issue about their work, or perhaps about economic or family problems, and at bedtime they hold their hands. This posture conveys a certain sense of security, as one feels more “grasped”, even if it is with oneself. Being grasped or held in that way, with hands firmly joined, also allows you to receive some relief in the case of craving or being frustrated.

Sleeping with your hands intertwined can also have a positive meaning.

A girl rests or is sleeping with her hands clasped behind her head

Finally, you also have to pay attention to the place where the grasped hands are located. If the joined hands are located behind the head at bedtime or taking a nap, the meaning is completely different and in this case would have more to do with the posture of the catapult,which has a positive meaning of relaxation.

What is your favorite sleeping posture?Do you have a favorite place to put your hands to fall asleep more quickly?

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