Finger pointing or pointing with your finger, something irritating.

Finger pointingThere are people who at first glance seem to us simply.. Irritants. Actually, there are many reasons why this can happen to us, for example, it may happen that we do not like someone’s personality, their physical appearance or their appearance, we may even like someone for things like their way of speaking or even laughing. In this case, as we are analyzing body language, we will see one of the gestures that contribute to a person being irritating: it is about pointing or pointing the finger. In this case, as seen in the image, it is normal that the finger used is the index finger, and the person who is pointing is the same one who is talking.

What does the gesture of pointing or pointing a finger at someone mean?

This gesture has a very aggressive meaning, it is about blaming, pointing, subliminally forcing another person, it is as if unconsciously you are saying to that person: “you areto blame “, ” Iam talking to you“, ” you have to doit“. The reaction of the person pointed with the finger will be to defend himself psychologically from the attacker. In his mind, unconsciously, he might think:“but who do you think you are to tell me what I haveto do?” from that moment on the person’s posture and his gestures will be those of closing himself to the conversation,he will focus more on the person who is pointing to him than on the message he is transmitting. It is true that this gesture of pointing the finger at another person is usually used in discussions or between acquaintances, since to use that “aggressiveness” that the gesture has, a certain degree of trust between people is necessary. However, there are also those who point the finger at people they have just met or with whom they do not have that trust. In this case, pointing the finger at the other person would be like talking to a stranger about“you”,rather than“you”,and by entering so quickly into such a close relationship with a person with whom you do not yet have trust, it is most likely that your personal spaceis being invaded, which as a rule does not usually please people.

Pointing your finger
No one likes to be pointed at, when someone does, we unconsciously feel that they are attacking us and we become defensive.

Who uses this gesture?

People who frequently use this gesture usually believe that they are one level above the person they point to, they may think that they have more authority, more economic level, that they are more intelligent, etc. To give an example, a boss might point at an employee while talking in a conversation or pointing out some mistake at his work, but it is very rare for an employee to point the finger at the boss while talking to him.On the other hand, it can also happen that people who regularly do not point the finger also do so in some situations, for example in the case that a person is angry and believes that he is right. In this case, a person could occasionally use the gesture of pointing the finger at the other person to remark that it is the other person who is to blame for what happened. Have you been pointed at the finger lately? Now you know what it means when they point their finger at you and why other people might feel bad if you point your finger at them during a conversation or discussion.

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